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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What is Apttus?

If you google "What is Apttus"?
The first result you get says:-

Apttus is one of the fastest growing Silicon Valley technology companies. Apttus provides Cloud Computing solutions that encompass Quote-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay solutions to the Global 500 and mid-market marketplace. Apttus is's leading native Salesforce1 application partner.

Though its good to know about background of Apttus , we the developers are more interested in the solutions/products provided by Apttus.
The major solution catered by Apttus is the comprehensive solution for :-
  Quote - to- Cash

Going by the online documentation provided by Apttus  its - The only choice to intelligently configure, price and quote new deals, add-on sales and renewals – all inside Salesforce.

So far so good, but you as a developer are inquisitive to know more about this product . What are challenges which one will encounter while suggesting it as a solution? What are the user cases which are deemed fit to adopt Apttus (QTC) as a solution?
What is the Quote -to-Cash journey?
It is essentially all the activities right from:-
a. cold calling / hot calling
b. lead management / opportunity management
c. suggesting products and services to the prospective customers
d. getting all approvals for the solution/ product combination suggested
e. generating contracts, doing the redlining of the contract, maintaining version of different contracts
f. renewals / amendments / termination , etc.

For clarity please refer to the diagram below:-

Apttus provides a suite of solutions which is 100% native to salesforce for automating the full quote to cash journey.
If most of the "Pre-Sales processes" and "Sales Processes" are carried out in salesforce you can consider using Apttus for CPQ and Contract management.
One needs to install the requisite "Managed Packages" provided by Apttus to have the solution up and running in your salesforce orgs.
The main packages which you might need to install are shown in the diagram below:-

I will talk about the basic features provided by them in a follow-up blog.
Functionally Apttus solution can be compartmentalized into the following divisions:-

We will cover each of these segments in days to come, keep watching this space for more.

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  1. Great Information, Apttus makes an emphasis on its varied features and capabilities followed by a complete introduction to Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. The course empowers the abilities of customer system administrators.