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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Campaigns - means to track Return of Investment on money spent on Promotion / Advertisement

Campaigns are means through which you generate buzz around your services and products offered by your organization. Organizing campaigns involves money as you may use one of the following to drive campaigns:-

i. Email blasts
ii. Print Advertisement
iii. Organize seminars

For a successful campaign one need to :-
a. Plan the campaign -type, objectives,mode of delivery, etc.
b. Have a targeted audience
c. Track response and new business generated from the campaign

As it involves an investment- hence as a business one would be interested in knowing :-
1. the time period for the campaign (Start date - End Date)
2. Cost of running the campaign (expected & actual)
3. New business expected to be generated from it (in monetary terms)

In salesforce too Campaigns are recorded , stored and tracked.
People are the final target of any campaign which will form their future perspective clients. People added to a campaign are called "Campaign Members" and the following can be added as campaign members:-
1. Contact
2. Lead
3. Person Account
Campaigns can be a webinar or an email campaign, one can have different layout and record type assigned for each one.
People who are target for your campaigns are called as "Campaign Members"
Target may be an existing customer or a new one.
Also the same applies for "Campaign Member" different fields can be displayed in respective page layout.
One thing very important w.r.t. Campaigns is "Advanced Setup". In simple terms one can define different member statuses . Also one can define what each status signify (responded / default) refer to screenshot below for clarity:-

Next you may ask ok I created a Campaign from The Campaign Tab by clicking on the "new" button. Also I set the "Advanced Setup" of campaign, now how do I add the targeted audiencs?

1. You can run a report to add Campaign Member ( good for adding 50000 members)
2. Add by search from Campaign Add/ Search member page ( Good for adding 1000 members)
3. Using a file to add members to a campaign.

I have a thumb rule if a blog crosses more than 1 page length- split it into 2.
More on Campaigns in my next post.
To be continued...

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